SoftTree SQL Assistant v11.0 (major release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes

New database systems

  1. Now supporting Apache Hive and Apache SparkSQL. Working with Hadoop using SQL Assistant + Hive or SparkSQL now is as simple as working with MySQL, SQL Server, and other database systems you already know well. Same kind of treatment for tables, views, SQL Intellisense, SQL commands and query execution, graphical schema management, data import/export, schema compare, etc.. we got it all.

New and improved integration with other development tools

  1. Support for MySQL Workbench 8.x.
  2. Support for SQL Server Management Studio 18.x.
  3. Support for Visual Studio 2019.
  4. Support for Microsoft Access 16.0 (2016 - Office 365).
  5. Enhanced support for Heidi SQL.

New and improved UI

  1. UI themes are finally here (two dark themes, Mac like theme, soft blue theme) in addition to the default theme.
  2. Many improvements including "recharged" SQL Editor Professional Edition.
  3. Data-grids: column reorganization, dynamic data formatting, data additions to tables without primary keys and unique indexes, and more.
  4. Redesigned progress of work dialogs for all kinds of batch operations with at a glance summary object processing statuses, including data imports/exports, code and data generation, load and unit testing, and so on...
  5. Redesigned database connection dialog with integrated management of connection profiles.

Database management interfaces

  1. Extended support for managing partitioned tables including automatic no-data-loss conversions from regular tables to partitioned and back.
  2. Support for new features of PostgreSQL 11.
  3. New graphical management interface for Amazon Redshift.
  4. New graphical management interface for Pivotal Greenplum.
  5. New graphical management interface for Apache Hive.
  6. New graphical management interface for Apache SparkSQL.
  7. New graphical MySQL Scheduler management.
  8. New graphical pgAgent Scheduler management.
  9. New graphical DB2 workload management.
  10. New graphical table type editors for SQL Server and Azure SQL.
  11. Management of MariaDB temporal (system versioned) tables.
  12. Performance Dashboard for SQL Server.
  13. Performance Dashboard for Azure SQL.
  14. Performance Dashboard for MySQL.
  15. Performance Dashboard for MariaDB.
  16. Index defraggers for SQL Server and Azure SQL.
  17. Graphical table maintenance for PostgreSQL, Pivotal Greenplum, MySQL, and MariaDB.

SQL Intellisense and its dependencies

  1. New SQL Reference for MariaDB v10.
  2. New SQL Reference for Apache Hive.
  3. New SQL Reference for Apache SparkSQL.

Schema comparison engine

  1. Comparison of partitioned and external tables for all supported database system types.
  2. Significantly enhanced DB2 schema compare functions including comparison of virtually all kinds of database objects and their attributes.

Data export/import, and data scripting

  1. Now supporting an array of bulk data insert methods using native connectivity, ADO.NET and ODBC interfaces for very fast data loading.
  2. Enhanced data imports using INSERT commands with bind parameters for cases when bulk inserts cannot be used.
  3. Data exports and data scripting can now be scheduled to run at predefined times.

Database Source Code Control

  1. Source Code Control now supports all types of database objects that can be scripted, and not just tables, views, and procedural code as in the previous versions.

Other enhancements

  1. Support for external and partitioned tables in DB Explorer, in graphical database management dialogs, and in the schema comparison engine.
  2. Redesigned SQL Preprocessor pane - no longer requires manual activation, can be turned on and off in the options and works silently in the background just like a code preprocessor works in C/C++ development environments.
  3. Oracle ADO.NET connections now support SYSDBA option.
  4. Many other minor and not so minor improvements.



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