SoftTree SQL Assistant v6.5 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. SQL Server 2014 is now supported.
  2. New graphical Database Explorer for all supported database servers and target editors. Now every supported editor, even Notepad, can be converted to a fully functional database development tool.
  3. Experimental Tab Manager and Code History add-on for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio editors.
  4. Single editor-scope SQL Intellisense Suspend/Resume provides greater flexibility.
  5. New sorting options for $COLUMNS$ macro.
  6. XML Schema Export/Import now saves and restores table primary keys.
  7. SSMS Object Explorer add-on - enhanced cache refreshing.
  8. Oracle performance analyzer and Explain Plan features now support use of shared public PLAN_TABLE synonym. Users no longer need individual PLAN_TABLE tables in their own schema.
  9. Oracle column data preview feature enhanced to support more data types
  10. Support for latest Notepad++ versions and other Scintilla based editors .
  11. Compatibility changes for DDL code reverse-engineering in latest PostgreSQL database server versions.
  12. Trigger DDL code reverse-engineering in all supported database systems.
  13. Compatibility chnages for SQL Server Management Studio 2012 SP1.
  14. New SQL Intellisense enhancement - new name matching method for optimized name list filtering and sorting.

  1. Lots of other minor changes and enhancements.


SoftTree SQL Assistant v6.4 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Windows SQL Azure Database is now supported.
  2. New Data Compare for multi-server multi-database data comparison. It can compare single tables, schemas, and entire databases. It can compare data across different types of databases too.
  3. New in-database Code Search and Replace function. It can be run across multiple database and servers. All changes can be previewed and managed before altering objects in the database.
  4. Several SQL Intellisense enhancements, handling of DATE data types, SQL MERGE, CREATE INDEX, and more…
  5. New extensions and options for $COLUMNS$ and $OBJECTS$ macros.
  6. Support for latest Toad and Notepad++ versions.

  1. Lots of other minor changes and enhancements.


SoftTree SQL Assistant v6.3 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. SQL Intellisense enhancements – multiple text matching methods including suffix name matching, spelling correlation, and matching characters highlighting.
  2. New Task and Reminders interface – centralized view of persistent bookmarks and "to-do" reminders saved across multiple files, database servers and objects.
  3. New plug-in for Oracle JDeveloper – complete drop-in development toolbox, including full set of SQL Assistant utilities and a full featured SQL Editor.
  4. New plug-in for Oracle SQL Developer – complete drop-in development toolbox, including full set of SQL Assistant utilities and a full featured SQL Editor.
  5. New multi-server, multi-database data search and replace with advanced options, regular expressions, preview-before-change, and more.
  6. Enhancement in code formatting and layout controls - additional macro variables added to improve control of dynamically generated code headers.
  7. Visual bookmarks enfacements – removed limitations on the number of persistently saved bookmarks in a single file.
  8. Added new options for greater controls of application filters to aid users in resolving cross-application conflicts.
  9. Better integration with external code comparison tools. External tools can be now used nearly in all places where an internal code compare is used.
  10. Enhancement in SQL Intellisense for SQL Server – improved handling of user-defined data types (column descriptors now display the original data type along with its expanded description).
  11. Enhancement for XML data import – new Truncate table option added for data loading.
  12. Enhancement for XML Export and Data Generator produced deployment scripts – new option to generate CREATE TABLE commands as part of the script with multiple options, including IF NOT EXISTS.
  13. Enhancement for XML Export/Import and Excel Import – added graphical scheduling for unattended operations.

  1. Lots of other minor changes and enhancements.


SoftTree SQL Assistant v6.2 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Bulk SQL code generator, with ready to use templates for generating CRUD procedures.
  2. Easy Excel data export / import to and from database.
  3. Hierarchical and flat XML data export / import (Experimental feature).
  4. Improved SQL Intellisense – automatic and suggested corrections for misspelled keywords, names, parameters, etc…
  5. Improved SQL Intellisense – suggestions for code generating code snippets.
  6. New set of add-ons for SQL Server Management Studio 2005, 2008, 2012 for SQL Assistant integration with the Database Object Explorer.
  7. Updated Visual Studio 2010 add-ons extending support to VS2010 Ultimate Edition
  8. Referential integrity rules checking added to dependencies analyzer and smart database refactoring methods.
  9. Multi-server multi-database Code search
  10. Multi-server multi-database Data search.
  11. Mouse-over hints for schema and database names with statistical info and action links.
  12. Support for MDX windows and queries in SQL Server Management Studio.
  13. Auto-bookmarks (visual bookmarks with screenshots) from specially formatted script comments..
  14. Enhancements in macro-script parameters processing, new options for getting updatable columns and key based columns..
  15. Auto-highlighting performance costliest operations and steps in Query Execution Plans. .
  16. DDL code reverse-engineering now supports object and column based comments..

  1. Lots of other minor changes and enhancements.


SoftTree SQL Assistant v6.1 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. New add-on and integration with SQL Server Management Studio 2012.
  2. Support for SQL Server 2012
  3. Automatic source control system repository updates and database synchronization using scheduled job.
  4. Improved SQL Intellisense - smart parameter and column values input helpers; auto-selection and auto-deletion of specially formatted comments.
  5. Improved SQL Intellisense - customizable table order in context popups.
  6. SQL history and recall.
  7. Hints for SQL Reference rules.
  8. Oracle DBMS_OUTPUT polling and reading.
  9. 1-click copying of DDL scripts from Code Preview to SQL editor..
  10. Improved code formatting - support for customizable column/table alias alignment options.
  11. Advanced version of the $OBJECT(...)$ macro for use in interactive  code snippets for fast code generation.
  12. Support for latest versions of MySQL Workbench, Toad, Ultraedit.

  1. Lots of other minor changes and enhancements.


SoftTree SQL Assistant v6.0 (major release) - What's New

New major features
  1. Real time as-you-type automatic code performance analysis and suggestions.
  2. Full-featured integrated source control interface with 3-way database-files-repository code comparison and synchronization, checkin/checkout, change history, and so on… The source code control interface supports Subversion and Microsoft Team Foundation Server code repositories.
  3. Graphical code execution plans for all types of supported database servers.
Other significant improvements
  1. Customizable database version specific queries and settings. Database version is recognized automatically and version specific settings are used as required.
  2. On the fly reverse engineering of virtually all types of database objects, "Show DDL" is now available for all objects.
  3. Customizable SQL Assistant menus, add/delete/reorder menu items to match your coding habits and increase your productivity.
  4. All databases: Table statistical hints and information panes, including instant row count hints for tables of any size, table columns with unfolding user-defined data types, and more.
  5. SQL Server and Sybase ASE/ASA databases: Intellisense is now offered for UPDATE...FROM and DELETE FROM ... FROM statements.
  6. All databases: intellisense for Common Table Expressions (a.k.a CTE in SQL Server, and WITH clause in Oracle)
  7. All databases: intellisense is now available for APPLY keywords
  8. All databases: intellisense for UPDATE statements provides enhanced support for built-in database functions.
  9. Test-data generator is now context sensitive. Right-click on a table name, choose Test-data Generator menu, and with one additional click you can start inserting realistic test-data into the selected table.
  10. Test-data generator supports generating test values for Oracle's LONG data-type.
  11. PostgreSQL: warnings and notices are reported separately from errors.
  12. PostgreSQL: intellisense for SERIAL and IDENTITY column in INSERT/UPDATE statements.
  13. All databases: intellisense for various SEQUENCE and sequence-like objects and functions, for example in Oracle, "<sequence_name>.nextval", in DB2: "NEXT VALUE FOR <sequence_name>", in PostgreSQL "naexval(<sequence_name>)" and pg_get_serial_sequence function, and so on
  14. All databases: intellisense for JOIN suggestions now provides previews of table aliases for to be inserted code.
  15. Sybase ASA: support for unsigned data types.
  16. All databases: intellisense for INSERT...VALUES supports script variables and procedure parameters.
  17. All databases: improved Intellisense for ALTER TABLE statement.
  18. All databases: intellisense now supports coding database triggers.
  19. Unit-test can now be scheduled directly from SQL Assistant interface.
  20. Column name filtering is now available in code snippets using $OBJECT$ macros.
  21. Refactoring templates now support standard set of SQL Assistant macros.
  22. New pre-defined interactive code snippets.
  23. Support for latest versions of MySQL Workbench.
  24. Support for latest versions of Ultraedit.

A number of other minor improvements


Changes in Other Versions

See What's New 5.x page for details on new features added in SQL Assistant version 5.x releases.

See What's New page for details on new features added in SQL Assistant versions 2.x - 4.x.