24x7 Remote Automation Servers for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Installation and Download Instructions for Evaluation Versions of 24x7 Remote Automation Servers:

Before Downloading


Before Installation


24x7 RA Server Installation (native code)


24x7 RA Server Installation (Java) - Don't confuse this with 24x7 Scheduler Java Edition.

Additional Information

For additional install/uninstall information, security, usage instructions, automation examples,  please see 24x7unix.pdf file, which is also provided with the 24x7 Automation Suite files. See Using Unix RA agents - How To .pdf file for step-by-step tutorial for how to call Unix agents with 24x7 Scheduler running on Windows platforms.

Feel free to email to support@softtreetech.com if you have questions or problems using 24x7 RA Servers for Linux and UNIX



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