SoftTree SQL Assistant v9.5 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Data analytics enhancements: Instant charts for query results.
  2. New SQL Assistant native toolbars for SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio, Notepad++.
  3. Multiple enhancements in the Data Compare engine including new data difference synchronization capabilities, comparison of structurally different tables, comparison of view results, and a number of other new features...
  4. Multiple enhancements in the Schema Compare engine across all database interfaces with much deeper and richer comparison for many types of schema objects, with advanced comparison of various schema, database and server scope structures, files and tablespaces, security attributes and permissions, and so on...
  5. IntelliSense enhancements (all databases): hints for DML operations touching tables with triggers.
  6. IntelliSense enhancements (all databases): SQL assistance for grouped nested JOINs.
  7. IntelliSense enhancements (all databases): advanced control over generation of alises including custom methods using regular expressions, letter casing, predefined tables of custom aliases.
  8. IntelliSense enhancements (PostgreSQL and Pivotal Greenplum): support for event functions.
  9. IntelliSense enhancements (PosgreSQL and Pivotal Greenplum): support for complex table aliases with renamed columns, e.g. "FROM table_reference [AS] alias(column1 [, column2 [, ...]])".
  10. Data-grid enhancements: in-place toolbar for common operations.
  11. New code stress-testing method added to the database Unit Testing Framework.
  12. User interface enhancements: new advanced filtering capabilities in the Schema Compare results, hide and show objects and their attributes based on scope, regular expressions, and more.
  13. User interface enhancements: object references diagrams can be exported to image files.
  14. Code Structure View now offers better navigation of CTE based SQL statements.
  15. SQL Reference enhancements for SQL Azure.
  16. Code execution enhancements, friendlier display of long diagnostic messages and error messages: formatted multi-line messages shown on mouse-over event.
  17. Context SQL Search now supports sorting results by columns.
  18. Connect to Database dialog updates: user-defined connection names can be entered and updated directly in the Conenct dialog.
  19. Improvements in Oracle OCI interface: support for OCIDateTime and OCIInterval data types.
  20. Code formatting: improvemed PostgreSQL operator formatting.
  21. Macro scripting enhancements: $CURRENT(...)$ macro supports new optiona for handling special symbols.
  22. More utilities and operations can be monitored and managed now using SQL Assistant Task Manager.
  23. Improved handling of users-defined menus and commands.
  24. Multiple accross the board improvements in the data export and data transfer utilities: better user interface, improved reporting of progress of work, more responsive, etc...
  25. Support for new bulk insert methods in the data-transfer utility: implementation of multi-row inserts using single INSERT operation (Oracle, SQL Server, Azure, PosgreSQL, Pivotal Greenplum, SQL Anywhere, DB2 UDB, Redshift).
  26. Multiple performance improvements in internal operations making SQL Assistant perform many database operations faster.
  27. Enhancements in the Database Documenter: you can now attach custom database model files and save their diagrams as part of the generated database and schema documentations.
  28. SQL Assistant API now directly supports WinForms and WPF applications.

  1. Many other minor enhancements and bug fixes.


SoftTree SQL Assistant v9.2 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. New Data-pivot and Analytics.
  2. New experimental Code Visualizer for generating graphical code flow and sequence diagrams for procedural schema objects, views, and arbitrary SQL code.
  3. New experimental Visual Database Documenter is a graphical documentation generator for entire schemas and databases.
  4. New Batch Database Refactoring interface takes schema object management to a new level. With just a few mouse clicks you can change ownership of many schema objects at once, change object permissions, their execution and data access modes, attributes, perform various maintenance tasks, index rebuilds, code recompilation. No more need to do it one by one, open and close many different dialogs.
  5. New database refactoring method for renaming schemas supporting SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 UDB, Redshift, Netezza.
  6. New Tab Manager for tab management and faster code navigation
  7. User interface enhancements: name filters are now available in all tools featuring schema object trees.
  8. User interface enhancements: hot keys for SQL Execution Plan and some other hard to reach tools.
  9. Schema compare enhancements for PostgreSQL: comparison and synchronization of database attributes, tablespaces.
  10. Schema compare enhancements for MySQL: comparison and synchronization of database and object permissions, table indexes, table partitions.
  11. Schema compare enhancements for SQLite: comparison and synchronization of column default values, auto-increment columns, triggers, indexes, referential constraints.
  12. SQL Intellisense enhancements for multiple database types: support for labels in SQL code.
  13. SQL Intellisense enhancements for PostgreSQL and DB2: improved listing of overloaded functions in Intellisense popups.
  14. SQL Intellisense enhancement: auto-refresh of the data dictionary cache after DDL operations can be turned off temporarily to improve performance.
  15. Code formatting enhancements for statements containing UNION clause.
  16. Data export enhancements: additional options for delimiters and quoting; simplified data export to XML and JSON files.
  17. Data export enhancements: enhanced use of Export To... menu in DB Explorer for schema and databases, all schema tables can be exported at once to table specific export files.
  18. SQL Reference enhancements for Netezza, ASA, ASE, MySQL.
  19. Enhancements in Database Modeling: default values can be now entered for table columns and saved in the model, ON UPDATE and ON DELETE actions can be enteresd for referential constraints, table and column comments supproted as well.
  20. New customization options provided for DDL code extraction methods.
  21. New options for adding user-defined commands to SQL Assistant context menus for executing external process and passing data to other programs using files and/or clipboard.
  22. Improved support for Teradata: users can now create stored procedure and macros directly from SQL Assistant SQL Editor and from other target editors.
  23. Improved support for Teradata: in SQL Assistant SQL Editor database context can be changed using database name double click or database drop-down list.
  24. MariaDB server versions 5.x and 10.x are now officially supported.
  25. Compatibility changes for latest MySQL Workbench versions.

  1. Many other minor enhancements and bug fixes.


SoftTree SQL Assistant v9.1 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Visual Studio addon updated to support Visual Studio 2017.
  2. SQL Server Management Studio addon updated to support version 17.
  3. Native plug-in for Notepad++ offers better integration.
  4. Support for Navicat database tools.
  5. New advanced object schema References Analyzer supporting Oracle, DB2 UDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and SQL Azure database servers.
  6. SQL Assistant SQL Editor now changes colors of running tabs, displays number of running tasks in the status bar, and supports persistent docking of the Task Manager with better control of the running queries.
  7. New database Session Monitor for monitoring database and user activities showing running queries and progress of long running operations with ETA.
  8. New Task Manager for monitoring and managing all kinds of background operations including query execution, data export and import tasks, data and schema object scripting, data transfers and so on.
  9. Improvements in the UI, SQL Assistant windows can be now docked to different sides of the editor and main windows, or be floated and moved to a second monitor.
  10. Across the board SQL Intellisense enhancements for SELECT statements enabling more efficient coding.
  11. Intellisense enhancements for DB2 for iSeries, indexed columns and constraints are now shown in Intellisense prompts.
  12. Code formatting enfacements for DECLARE and ALTER statements, for LIMIT and OFFSET clauses.
  13. Support for enumeration data type in PostgreSQL.
  14. Better handling of overloaded functions in DB2 and PostgreSQL databases.
  15. SQL Assistant queries for Oracle databases tuned for better performance.
  16. Database schema modeling - better handling of newly added referential integrity constraints.
  17. Schema Comparison enhancements for PosgreSQL databases.
  18. Automatic detection and re-connect for dropped connection in MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  19. The data-transfer utility now recognizes computed and other types of auto-generated columns.
  20. The data-grid in edit more now supports inserting rows pasted from the Clipboard (that's right, you can now insert data into tables by copying data from Excel and other applications).
  21. The data-grids now support multiple column sorting using Ctrl+Click method.
  22. Optimized data retrieval operation for more efficient memory usage. On 64-bit systems your computer memory is the only limit now for how much data can be retrieved from the database. 2GB is a limit for 32-bit systems.
  23. New SQL References for SQL Server 2017 and for SQL Server 2016 R2.
  24. New SQL Reference for SAP ASE 16.0.
  25. New SQL Reference for MySQL 5.7.
  26. New SQL References for DB2 UDB 10.5 and for 11.1.

  1. Many other minor enhancements and bug fixes.


SoftTree SQL Assistant v9.0 (major release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Support for 32-bit and 64-bit development environments, 64-bit targets, 32-bit and 64-bit database drivers and clients.
  2. Full Unicode support in code, data, and files.
  3. Support for 3 new data warehouse database systems: Teradata, IBM Netezza, and Pivotal Greenplum.
  4. Database Modeling, Graphical Data Access Dependencies, and Data Flows.
  5. New interactive SQL Reference systems for SQL Server 2014 and 2016, SQL Azure database, Teradata 14 and 15, Oracle 12c, Netezza 7, Access 2007 and 2010, PostgreSQL 9.5, and Redshift.
  6. SQL Intellisense improvements including enhanced support for analytical and window functions.
  7. Graphical data editing, plus Excel style auto-stats on multiple cell selection in result sets.
  8. Native PostgreSQL connectivity (libPQ).
  9. Enhanced SQL code execution mode using ADO.NET, native connections, and ODBC drivers supporting asynchronous printing of messages sent from stored procedures and internal database commands while they run.
  10. Many database type specific enhancements, including but not limited to support of PostgreSQL materialized views, DB2 procedures with overloaded parameters, support for new data types, including intervals, execution of anonymous pgPlSQL blocks in PostgreSQL, and so on...
  11. Virtual filters in Code Structure View (filter code by schema object references).
  12. 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SQL Assistant Professional SQL Editor.
  13. Compatibility changes for supporting latest releases of SQL Server Management Studio 2016, pgAdmin, and Toad.
  14. Compatibility changes for supporting targets running in Windows 10.
  15. Enhancements in Task and Reminders, Code Snippets, Options Management, and many other areas.

  1. Lots of other minor changes and enhancements.


Changes in Other Versions

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