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24x7 Automation Suite is now multi-platform and replaced by 24x7 Scheduler Multi-platform Edition.

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24x7 Automation Suite packages together best-of-breed task scheduling and automation utilities available today. Download free trial version now to see how 24x7 Automation Suite can make your business more productive.

Key Benefits:
  • Feature rich - it integrates together all essential components required for automating virtually any computer processing.
  • User friendly - it provides advanced and yet user friendly graphical and web based interfaces featuring wizards, templates, tips and other options that together make automation process easy, fast and fun.
  • Cross-platform - it supports most Windows, Linux, and Unix systems.
  • Adaptive - it can be used to automate both simple tasks on standalone systems or small networks and complex distributed tasks on large enterprise networks; it can run as a standalone application, as a service, as a true client-server system.
  • Extendable - it features 4 distinct API which make integration with other systems an easy task.
  • Reliable and secure - it integrates well with native security systems and also provides additional role-based and job-level security options for fine-grade security customizations.
  • Low cost - it is licensed per computer or per site, no matter how many CPUs, users, tasks, or whatever else you have; no maintenance fees or other strings are attached.
  • Rapid ROI  - it delivers rapid return on investment.
  • Low risk - it comes with our 30 day money back guarantee
Features and Components - 24x7 Automation Suite delivers more features and options then any other automation or scheduling utility, period.

It offers a quick, effective way to get the job done. It allows new users to build robust automation solutions in minutes. For sophisticated users it offers powerful scripting environment with extensive support for SQL, HTTP, FTP, DDE, RAS, TELNET, SSH, ZIP, E-mail functions (MAPI, SMTP, Lotus Notes), File Replication, Bulk-file Operations, Database Replication, and much more. It also supports distributed remote jobs, event logging, centralized real-time job monitoring and reporting, automatic fail-over in the event of machine failure, more...
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24x7 User's Guide and JAL Reference
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