24x7 Features and Components

24x7 Automation Suite includes the following components:
24x7 Scheduler
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  • 24x7 Job Scheduler is the most sophisticated job scheduler available today. Here is a brief description of 24x7 Scheduler features:
    • Program and document type jobs;  database jobs (scheduled commands, stored procedures, etc...);  script type jobs for advanced control
    • Wide variety of job triggers: time-based; file-based; process-based, email-based; system event-based;  user-defined scriptable triggers
    • Multiple concurrent job queues
    • Full job logging and auditing
    • Automatic error and status notifications (email/page/network/database/file/script)
    • Local, remote, and distributed jobs
    • Job dependencies
    • 100+ "Quick start" job templates
    • Built-in JAL (Job Automation Language) script engine, editor and debugger
    • Built-in VBScript (Visual Basic Script) script engine, editor and debugger
    • Built-in FTP automation client
    • Built-in Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure FTP (SFTP) automation client
    • Built-in Web/HTTP automation client
    • Built-in Telnet automation client
    • Built-in MAPI, SMTP, Lotus Notes email interfaces
    • Built-in DDE automation client and server
    • Built-in SQL automation client (native database drivers for all major database systems and ODBC included)
    • Built-in RAS automation client
    • Built-in file processing engine (over 100 methods varying from simply file copy, to bulk-file search & replace, file comparison and much more...)
    • Built-in file replication engine (for replicating and synchronize files and directories over network, over FTP connection, over TCP/IP or Named Pipes connections.
    • Built-in file ZIP/UNZIP functions
    • Master/Standby Scheduler mode with automatic fail-over
    • 4 different APIs that allow easy integration with your other business applications (Java, COM, DDE, command line interface)
    • Job performance monitoring and reporting, automatic real-time HTML status reports
    • a lot more...

    Two versions of 24x7 Scheduler are available:

    • 24x7 Scheduler Windows Edition - a native code version for Windows can run on any Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 server or workstation
    • 24x7 Scheduler Multi-platform Edition - can run on many system types (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, z/OS mainframe systems) supporting JDK version 1.5 or better.

24x7 Event Server

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  • 24x7 Event Server (available in version 4.0 and later) includes essential tools for advanced system and application event monitoring and automating event response processing. Here is a brief list of events types that can be monitored and automated:
    • Database data or performance change
    • Database not available
    • Dial-up connection start
    • Dial-up connection stop
    • Disk free space threshold
    • Dr. Watson error
    • File change (size or time)
    • File deletion
    • File size threshold
    • Folder changes (generic event)
    • New email message
    • New fax message received
    • New fax message sent
    • New file
    • New NT event log record
    • New SMNP trap
    • New text log file record
    • NT event log size threshold
    • Process hung
    • Process start
    • Process termination
    • Registry changes
    • Screen saver activation
    • Screen saver deactivation
    • Remote server down
    • Remote TCP service down (FTP, Telnet, HTTP, etc...)
    • Service start
    • Service stop
    • System performance threshold (CPU, disk I/O, etc...)
    • System shutdown
    • Text log file size threshold
    • User logon (network user logon)
    • User logout (network user logout)
    • Web server slow response (slow response to HTTP requests)
    • Window appearance
    • Window disappearance
    • Custom event monitors (script, batch or program)
  • 24x7 Remote Automation Servers and Remote Agents are tightly integrated with the 24x7 Scheduler. 24x7 Remote Agents give you the power of running jobs in heterogeneous distributed environments on multiple computers while job scheduling, management and real-time monitoring can be performed in one central location.

    The following platforms are supported:

    • Windows ® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
    • Linux ® 32-bit version RedHat compatible distributions
    • Linux ® 32-bit version Debian compatible distributions
    • Sun Solaris ® 32-bit (Intel i386) version 5.6 and later
    • Sun Solaris ® 32-bit (Sparc) version 5.6 and later
    • Sun Solaris ® 64-bit (Sparc) version 7 and later
    • FreeBSD ® (Intel i386) version 3.1 and later
    • Digital UNIX ® 64-bit version 4.0B and later, including Tru64™ UNIX ®
    • HP-UX ® 64-bit version 10.0 and later
    • 24x7 Remote Agent Java Edition can be run on any system supporting JDK 1.4.1 or better.

24x7 Web-based Management Console

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  • 24x7 Web-based Management Console - universal version for managing both Windows and Unix/Linux 24x7 Schedulers (both JSP and ASP versions are available). 24x7 Web-based Management Console is shipped with the site license only.
    • Manage, monitor and audit jobs real-time from anywhere.
    • True thin-client access to 24x7 Scheduler servers. Only JavaScript compatible browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator is required for client access.
    • Centralized management allows working with multiple servers from a single location.
    • Advanced web-based interface has the same feel and look as the graphical interface in 24x7 Scheduler. Same interactive wizards, templates, navigation panels, reports, are available in both web-based and graphical interfaces.
    • Both web-based and graphical interfaces can be used at the same time and concurrently by multiple users.
    • Additional tools are included to real-time monitoring of remote systems such as system log files, running processes, active and pending jobs and more
    • Can be used with virtually any web server supporting either ASP or JSP technologies. ASP version can be used with 24x7 Scheduler for Windows. JSP version can be used with both 24x7 Scheduler  for Windows and 24x7 Scheduler for Linux/Unix.

24x7 Macro Recorder

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  • 24x7 GUI MacroRecoder for Windows ® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 - this utility can be used for automating various interactive graphical and non-graphical applications requiring user input. 
    • User input and actions (both keyboard and mouse) can be recorded and then scheduled for automated playback.
    • Recorded script scripts can be dynamically altered during playback and contain dynamic data from files, databases, formulas, etc... This provides virtually unlimited flexibility for what can be used as an input to interactive programs.
    • Built-in advanced error-checking functions ensure that during playback time previously recorded actions are applied to correct processes and objects. The payback is automatically aborted and an error reported whenever system conditions do not match the recording.
  • 24x7 Screen Saver - provides real-time display of job statuses and other important processing information while the screen saver is active and the Desktop screen is not visible.
  • Extensive documentation provided in both HLP and PDF formats. The 24x7 Automation Suite  also includes numerous example jobs, interactive automation job templates and a number of free command line automation utilities that can be download from this web site.

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