Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: Do you have code examples for using DB Mail functions?
A: Please see DB Mail User's Guide. This guide have over 150 examples for different database systems..

Q: Do I need to install DB Mail on every database server that I want to use?
A: On the database server side you only install DB Mail interface procedures so the answer is yeas you need to install them on every database server. Just keep in mind that the DB Mails server does not have to be on the same computer. You would only need 1 DB Mail server for all your database systems..

Q: Does DB Mail work on UNIX?
A: DB Mail server is a Windows based server, however messages can be send from any database server or database-connected application running on any platform including UNIX, Linux, VAX, Netware, NT, etc....

Q: How does it work?
A: See Message Processing Workflow and How DB Mail Works topics in the DB Mail User's Guide. These topics describe in detail how DB Mail works.

Q: Which user/logon/schema should we use for DB Mail installation?
A: Use System Administrator account with the installation program when installing DB Mail back-end objects. The installation program will create DB Mail objects in the SYSTEM schema in Oracle and in DBMAIL schema in all other databases. The actual location of the schema (tablespace, database, etc...) differs in different database systems).

Q: Can DB Mail send SMS messages?
A: Yes

Q: How can I setup DB Mail to send automated faxes from my PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP (other ERP and non-ERP applications)?
A: Identify key database table where your application saves fax-related data. Create a trigger on that table and in the trigger code call relevant DB Mail functions. The DB Mail User's Guide contains tons of examples. Find the most appropriate example and modify it to suite your needs.

Q: I need to broadcast thousands of faxes every day. Can DB Mail handle such volume?
A: DB Mail can process thousands and hundreds of thousands messages. However the real bottleneck is slow fax transmission speed limited by the FCC rules which creates the physical limit on how many messages can be processed a day.  To remedy this situation use fax server farms and configure your DB Mail server to use multiple fax servers.  This way you can send multiple faxes concurrently. The supported processing volume will be limited by the number of available fax servers. You can always increase the capacity by adding more fax servers.

Q: Are there any limits on size of email messages sent from DB Mail?
A: Yes, it is limited by the maximum message size that can be handled by your email server.

Q: Can I send email attachments and if yes, how many attachmens can be sent per message?
A: Yes, you can. Up to 255 files of BLOBs can be attached to each message.