24x7 Event Server Example Usage

  24x7 Event Server Examples
24x7 Event Server can be used to monitor and respond to all kinds of system-level and application-level events.

24x7 Event Server is an ideal tool for automating the following processing types:

  1. Automated system monitoring and troubleshooting, for example, sending automatic emails to system administrators when free disk space falls below certain threshold; when the server runs at over 80% CPU usage for a long period of time; and so on.
  2. System security monitoring, for example, calling system administrators when hackers attempt to break into your computer system and system registers lots of failed logins; when database audit trail logs indicate unauthorized access to certain database areas; and so on.
  3. Database monitoring, for example, automatically dumping MS SQL Server and Sybase logs when detecting LOG FULL conditions; automatically extending Oracle and DB2 tablespaces before they reach their capacity; automatically running a batch job when a new record is added to a database table, and so on.
  4. File monitoring, for example, automatically starting file processing applications when files are added, deleted, or modified in certain directories; automatically deleting old logs or work files when the number of files reaches certain threshold or free disk space falls below certain threshold, and so on.
  5. Application monitoring and troubleshooting, for example, automatically restarting stopped services, hung applications or applications crashing with Dr.Watson error, and so on.
  6. Application and system automation, for example, automatically closing dialog boxes and entering data into interactive application forms thus eliminating a need for human processing; linking different applications into complex batch processing with the dynamic processing flow based on various conditions; and so on.
    24x7 Event Server screenshot

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