SoftTree SQL Assistant - Screenshots

Demonstration of a small subset of supported development environments and features (perhaps less than 5% of the available capabilities)

Add-ons and plug-ins for your favorite development tools
Integration examples: Add-ons and plug-ins for your favorite development tools

Integrated multi-database development environment
Integrated multi-database development environment

Database Modeling
Database schema documentation and modeling

Data Flow Diagrams
Database documentation: graphical data-flow diagrams

Graphical Database Dependencies
Database documentation: graphical database dependencies diagrams

Database Source Control Interface (SVN, Git, Perforce, TFS)
Database source code control interface

Superior SQL Intellisense (supporting subqueries,
CTE, temp tables, DDL, smart keyword suggestions, etc...)
Superior SQL intellisense

Advanced Code Entry Automation Using Snippets and Macros
Advanced code entry automation using snippets and macros

Smart Database Refactoring with Automatic and
Assisted Changes in Dependencies
Advanced SQL intellisense

Schema Compare, Data Compare, and Job Compare, and
Differences Synchronization
Advanced schema, data, and job compare and synchronization

Advanced SQL Code Beautifier and Formatter Using Fully
Customizable and Expandable Formatting Rules
Advanced SQL code beautifier and formatter

Data Import/Export from/to Excel, XML, JSON, CSV, more...
Direct Data Transfer Between Different Databases
Data import/export from/to Excel, xml, json, csv, more...

Visual Database and Schema Management
for All Kinds of Database Objects
Visual database and schema management

Visual Security and Permissions Management
Users, Roles, Groups, Certificates, Encryption Keys, etc.
Visual database security management

Top SQL, Session Monitor, and more...
Top SQL analysis

Performance Dashboard
Performance DAshboards for all majors databases
Visual database monitoring

Database Benchmarking
and Workload Simulation
Database benchmarking and load generationtemplates

Advanced Automation
For ETL, ELT and other processing
Advanced process automation

CRUD Code, Test Data, Unit Test Generators, and more...
Advanced code and data generation

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