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Task scheduling;   System and application automation and monitoring
24x7 24x7 Automation Suite (24x7 Scheduler for Windows, 24x7 Remote Agent, 24x7 Remote Control, 24x7 Macro-Recorder and more...) - Powerful network, server, and workstation automation tools. This reliable all-in-one package can automate virtually any computer process.  Award-winning 24x7 Scheduler can be used to run unattended batch jobs, interactive programs, database operations (SQL), and custom Job Automation Language or Visual Basic scripts. It comes with the complete development environment including job templates, editors, debuggers, code assistants, and more...
24x7 24x7 Scheduler (Multi-platform Edition) - This is a sister version of 24x7 Scheduler from 24x7 Automation Suite. This cross-platform version can run on most Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows systems. Versions are also available for mainframe z/OS and OS/390 systems. Just as the Windows-only Edition version, it supports multiple job queues, multiple calendaring functions, sophisticated job schedules, job dependencies, full job logging and auditing, remote management, agents and more...
DB Mail 24x7 Event Server - Advanced system and application event monitoring and automated response processing. It can monitor database (states, data or performance), dial-up connections, disk free space, Dr. Watson errors, files (size, time, appearance, contents, etc...), folder changes, emails, electronic faxes, NT event logs, SMNP trap, process and services (start, stop, hung), registry changes, server availability; remote TCP services(FTP, Telnet, HTTP, etc...), system performance (CPU, disk I/O, etc...), web server performance, GUI windows, and a lot more... Multiple automated response actions can be setup for each monitored event.
DB Mail 24x7 Remote Automation Servers for Linux and Unix - These servers can be used together with centralized 24x7 Schedulers as a way to automate and monitor remote jobs, perform cross-system transparent file access and more... 24x7 RA Servers allow you to create very sophisticated distribute automation jobs. Servers are available for all most popular Linux and Unix platforms. A cross-platform 24x7 RA Server Java Edition is also available.
DB Mail DB Mail - Enables sending e-mails, e-faxes, pages and text messages, phone messages, network alerts and popups directly from any Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and SQL Server database as well as from any database application. DB Mail can be installed and configured in a matter of several minutes. You don't even need to restart your database.
VoMS VoMS - Enables sending automated voice messages by phone. VoMS is an ideal solution for sending emergency notifications, event and appointment reminders, marketing and political campaign messages, and more. Voice messages can be pre-recorded, synthesized dynamically using advanced text-to-speech technology or constructed from multiple pre-recorded and dynamic parts in the same message.
Database security, auditing, and monitoring
DB Audit DB Audit - Professional database auditing solution for Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, DB2 and SQL Server. DB Audit allows database and system administrators, security administrators, auditors and operators to track and analyze any database activity including database access and usage, data creation, change or deletion.
Database management;   monitoring, and development tools
icon SQL Assistant  - Essential productivity tools for database developers and DBAs. SQL Assistant dramatically increases speed of the database development process, improves code quality and accuracy. It allows SQL developers to code up to 300% faster and produce a better code.

DB Tools for Oracle  - Integrated set of "must have" tools for monitoring, tuning, diagnosing, coding, reverse-engineering, creating, editing, and reporting for Oracle databases. It helps Oracle DBAs to maximize the availability, performance and security of their databases. It helps Oracle developers to fine-tune their applications both in development and production phases. DB Tools for Oracle includes the following components:
icon DB Monitor Expert - this is the most comprehensive solution for graphical Oracle database monitoring and diagnostic. It helps Oracle DBAs and developers effectively monitor, diagnose, and plan within the Oracle database environment making total database administration and development easier. DB Monitor Expert all the tools required for powerful performance diagnostics and troubleshooting as well as it includes tons of other tools needed in everyday database administration and development, including numerous Database and SQL navigators, Top Sessions, SQL Editors, PL/SQL Debugger, SQL reverse-engineering and much more...
icon DB Difference Expert - this tool allows DBAs to compare, synchronize, and archive all possible Oracle database objects and parameters including various schema objects and entire schemas, user information, security attributes, database configuration and more... DB Difference Expert can create historical "point-in-time" object, schema or database snapshots; anticipate schema change impact and dependencies. No DBA should propagate and analyze database changes across the Enterprise without DB Difference Expert.
icon DB Tuning Expert - this tool is a great aid for those who are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and performance of an Oracle Server. If you are one of them then DB Tuning Expert can help you identify quickly many database performance problems. With a few mouse clicks can run robust database performance and organization diagnostic tests and get a comprehensive report on the existing performance problems along with the expert recommendations for solving all found problems and avoiding them in the future. DB Tuning Expert can analyze databases in the following areas: It is a "must have" for every Oracle DBA and consultant.
icon DB Index Expert - the only tool that provides advanced analysis for Oracle database indexes. DB Index Expert is a must-have tool for every Oracle DBA and developer. It can generate and analyze tons of index and table statistics, highlight problematic areas and automatically provide tuning recommendations for both existing and missing database indexes.
icon DB Space Expert - this tool can be used to reorganize, optimize, partition and consolidate objects within Oracle databases while the database applications remain up and running and fully available to users. DB Space Expert can be used to quickly identify objects that would benefit most from space reorganization and then reorganize them either in a real-time or schedule reorganization jobs for those objects or even entire tablespaces. By optimizing object storages, defragging tablespaces and files, and reclaiming wasted disk space, DB Space Expert reduces the need for additional storage requirements and helps to avoid expensive storage upgrades.
icon DB Consumer Expert - this is a one-stop solution for managing Oracle database users, security settings, database resource quotas and resource usage and priority plans. Database resources such as CPU time, space, memory and so on can be managed and distributed differently to different users and user groups as well as they can be adjusted differently during different resource demand periods. In addition, it provides a large set of analytical reports for exploring database usage patterns and trends by users and applications. Using these reports you can easily pinpoint who is consuming most of your database resources and which applications are used. You can then use the available DB Consumer Expert's resource management functions to adjust database resource quotas and priories thus ensuring that most critical business applications get what they need while other applications continue to operate with acceptable response time levels.
icon DB Copy Expert - this is a must-have tool for every DBA and developer who works with multiple Oracle databases. DB Copy Expert can be used to copy schema objects and entire schemas between databases; copy tables with and without data; copy data samples - best for copying samples of production data to development or QA environment. copy entire schemas between databases. DB Copy Expert intelligently resolves schema object dependencies and referential constrains and ensures that schema objects are copied in the proper order. It can be also used to copy objects between different database versions. Copied objects are automatically downgraded or upgraded depending on the version of the target database.  Best of all DB Copy Expert features intuitive graphical interface allowing to copy objects between databases using convenient drag-and-drop methods that make copying schema objects and data between databases as simple as copying files between folders using Windows Explorer.
icon Performance Library - A collection of 50+ prebuilt customizable performance monitors, graphs, and reports. You can easily add your own monitors, graphs, and reports that match your unique requirements.
icon DB Log Expert - this tool can help DBAs and developers in monitoring existing databases and balancing database loads. In addition, it provides graphical views of the current redo-log configuration, including statuses and usage information for all redo-log members and redo-log files. It also provides full graphical Oracle redo log monitoring and historical database change tracking. DB Log Expert also provides unique easy-to-understand graphical views of redo log configuration as well as various statistical and trend graphs.
icon DB Benchmark Expert - this handy tool enables you to setup a benchmark test that you can use to measure performance of your database doing on-line transaction processing work. This database benchmark test simulates a real workload by allowing you to establish large number of concurrent connections performing user-defined transactions simultaneously. This way you can simulate real database users running various database transactions at a high rate performance. The benchmark rules do not necessary reflect your database real-world operations, however the benchmark takes into account real transactions made by other users while the test is being performed. DB Benchmark Expert provides you with an option to customize transaction involved in the test. Even if you use default settings, you can still use benchmark results for the performance bottlenecks analysis and other feature-performance considerations.
icon DB Audit Expert - this is an advanced multi-functional database auditing tool. DB Audit Expert supports both system/user activity auditing using Oracle native auditing features and also trigger-based data change auditing. DB Audit Expert automatically generates table triggers and mirror tables for full data change auditing... It makes database auditing really simple and fun.
icon DB Trends Expert - this sophisticated package is used for automated database trend collection and analysis. Data captured by DB Trends can be used for proactive database monitoring and capacity planning. DB Trends is tightly integrated with DB Monitor Expert and DB Tuning Expert. Other components like DB Space Expert also use the collected data for predicting various database problems before they occur.
icon DB Alert Expert - this utility serves as a database-to-email bridge that enables sending email and network messages directly from your Oracle database. It also comes with several pre-configured packages for monitoring tablespace related problems; monitoring error messages recorded in Oracle alert files; monitoring database processing errors on the global and user levels. DB Alert automatically logs all messages passed from your databases and sends email or network alerts to the supporting personnel. It can also serve as a valuable troubleshooting tool for developing, setting up and testing new applications, which is especially helpful in developing and testing back-end applications, that have no user interface.
icon DB Zip/Unzip Expert - this utility provides a quick and easy way to migrate and backup data in your Oracle databases, archive historical data snapshots and create samples of production data for QA and development environments. Using DB Zip/Unzip Expert, you will be able to copy, migrate, and backup tables, schemas or even entire Oracle databases with just a few mouse clicks. DB Zip/Unzip can also backup and copy data samples making it very easy to recreate sample versions of production tables and data in QA and development environments.
icon Java Editor - this is a multi-functional multi-document Java development environment with a built-in file explorer. You can use this tool to edit regular Java and JSP files and also to install Java classes in Oracle databases supporting Java objects such as Oracle 8i and later. The editor features Java syntax highlighting and numerous productivity enhancements. It also provides integrated interface for Java class compilation and direct loading of compiled classes and resources into Oracle databases.
icon SQL Editor and Debugger - this powerful SQL Editor allows editing files virtually of any size. The editor features SQL and PL/SQL syntax highlighting, database object reverse-engineering including tables, view, procedures, functions, packages, types and triggers, and many other object types. It is also includes graphical PL/SQL Debugger, graphical Explain Plan with automatic Oracle hints generation and comparison, data export/import, code assistants, file and text comparison tools and much more...
icon SQL Profiler - DB Tools PL/SQL Profiler provides graphical interface to the Oracle's Probe Profiler API, which is available in Oracle8i and later. PL/SQL Profiler provides a way to profile existing PL/SQL applications and to identify performance bottlenecks. You can use the collected profiler (performance) data for performance improvement or for determining code coverage for PL/SQL applications. Application developers can use code coverage data to focus their incremental testing efforts. SQL Profiler supports profiling projects that enable comparison and analysis of different code versions and execution scenarios.
icon DB Job Expert - this utility supports all tools you need to schedule, monitor, run and troubleshot your database side jobs. It contains graphical explorer-style job navigation and scheduling console, server side Job Monitor and Profiler package, and a number of reports for job forecasting, analysis, load balancing, and troubleshooting.
icon DB Application Expert - this revolutionary tool can be used to monitor databases from the application point of view. It allows finding all applications that ever access the database, client-side processes and users running these applications, locks created by applications and their impact on other processes, objects accessible by these applications as well as SQL code generated and executed by them. DB Application Expert consists of graphical explorer-style Application Monitor console, server side Application Monitor and Profiler package, and a number of comprehensive reports for application analysis, monitoring, load balancing, and troubleshooting.
icon File Loader - this graphical tool allows fast loading of Excel, text tab-separated and comma-separated files into existing and new database tables. Simple yet very easy. While DB Tools SQL Editor's file import facilities can be used to import file data into existing tables only the File Loader utility supports both - loading files into new and existing tables. New tables can be created dynamically during file load process based on the analisys of the file data and user input.
icon LOB Viewer and Loader - this tool can be used for browsing and viewing various documents saved in database LOB (Large Object) columns as well as for loading new documents into the database. LOB Viewer is especially helpful to database developers because it enables them to view data stored in LOB columns that cannot be done using regular database development tools such as SQL*Plus and most other. With LOB Viewer and Loader you can now view, delete, update and insert almost any document or file directly without launching the document's native application originally used to save the data in the database LOB!
icon Test Data Generator - this is a perfect tool for creating large volumes of meaningful data for performance testing, quality assurance testing, usability analysis, and many other purposes. Test Data Generator is able to automatically detect primary and foreign keys and without user intervention generate test data that match all referential integrity constraints rules. It can generate test data for all standard Oracle data types. You can customize the default data generation rules on per-table-column basis to fit your specific business requirements. Test Data Generator comes with a large set of pre-built data libraries of the most commonly used data values including meaningful addresses, names, phone numbers, company names, industries, financial terms, healthcare data, drugs, auto-parts and more. It also gives you the flexibility to create and modify your own data libraries, create custom data generation rules, and specify existing database tables with real business information as "lookup" data values for the newly generated data.
Database and application automation;    Messaging;   E-commerce
DB Mail DB Mail - Enables sending e-mails, e-faxes, pages and text messages, phone messages, network alerts and popups directly from any Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and MS SQL Server database as well as from any database application. DB Mail can be installed and configured in a matter of several minutes. You don't even need to restart your database.
VoMS VoMS - Enables sending automated voice messages by phone. VoMS is an ideal solution for sending emergency notifications, event and appointment reminders, marketing and political campaign messages, and more. Voice messages can be pre-recorded, synthesized dynamically using advanced text-to-speech technology or constructed from multiple pre-recorded and dynamic parts in the same message.
Tools for PowerBuilder developers
PowerGraph PowerGraphs Toolkit - Make possible building graphs that are not supported in PowerBuilder graphs, or have serious limitations, including multi axes graphs, proportional time scale graphs, overlapped graphs and more...
PowerDrop PowerDrops Toolkit - Make datawindow drop-down box from virtually any object, don't be limited to drop-down datawindows only. PowerDrops Toolkit is the only tool that provides guaranteed, precise positioning of the drop-down objects, regardless of datawindow style, number of rows, levels of parent objects, etc.
PowerUndo PowerUndo Toolkit - Word-processor style multi-level undo/redo in any datawindow!
Win2BMP Window-To-Bitmap - Save graphs, datawindows and other objects programmatically in standard BMP files, then print, email, fax them as graphics.