24x7 Scheduler v7.0 (major release) - What's New

March 25, 2024

NOTE: Version 7.0 brings multiple new major features and enhancements. An upgrade is provided from previous versions. See upgrade instructions for more details.

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Support for four major MQ platforms. 24x7 can consume and produce MQ events from the following platforms:
    • Apache Kafka
    • RabbitMQ
    • AWS Simple Queue Service
    • Microsoft Azure Storage Queue
  2. New and updated database drivers, including preconfigured database interfaces for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, SQLite, and MariaDB
  3. SSH based user authentication.
  4. JavaScript engine extended to support SSH automation and MQ functions.
  5. Greatly enhanced 24x7 web console supporting several new features, including but not limited to job scripting hints, Find jobs, MQ management, and more.
  6. The command line and graphical consoles updated too.
  7. Internal libraries and interfaces upgraded including transition to the version of log4j framework 2.x.
  8. New log adapter for AWS Cloud Watch.
  9. Enhanced job database backup and restore functions, including graphical backup management.

  1. Many minor enhancements.