24x7 Scheduler v6.0 (major release) - What's New

NOTE: Version 6.0 includes multiple new major features and  enhancements. An upgrade is provided from previous versions. See upgrade instructions for more details.

New Features and Major Changes
  1. The job database engine upgraded from XML database to relational database with many new capabilities.
  2. New job semaphoring mechanism using message queue and job multicasting.
  3. Auto-scaling groups for dynamic workload scaling, and for massive parallel job execution.
  4. Advanced custom reporting functions for running analytical and self-monitoring reports supporting new report formats, report scheduling, and more.
  5. Two dozens new prebuilt reports for system and job performance analysis, error reporting.
  6. Web services automation.
  7. Scripting engines now support XML and JSON data.
  8. Greatly enhanced command console covers many new management functions.
  9. Updated web console directly supporting new version 6.0 features, including designing and running reports directly from a web browser.
  10. Full transition to Java 1.8 and higher versions.

  1. Many minor enhancements.