24x7 Scheduler v5.3 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Integrated user-defined reports interface. User-defined reports can be designed and added using both the graphical console and the web console.
  2. A set of essential user-defined report samples is installed with the new version.
  3. New graphical Job Compare and Deployment utility added to the web console. This utility enables seamless deployments from development to test to production systems.
  4. Preconfigured PostgreSQL database interface.
  5. Updated database interfaces for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server with improved debugging and connectivity options.
  6. Security enhancements protecting remote agents from unauthorized access.

  1. A number of bug fixes and other minor improvements.


24x7 Scheduler v5.2 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Full transition to JRE/JDK v1.7; lots of internal changes for supporting this more secure Java version.
  2. Email functions updated to support sending emails over SSL and TSL encrypted communication channels.

  1. A number of bug fixes in the scheduler core, in the APIs, and the web console.


24x7 Scheduler v5.1 (maintenance release) - What's New

New Features and Major Changes
  1. New completely redesigned 24x7 Web-based Management Console now supporting all latest features of the 24x7 Scheduler v5.1 along with the state of the art graphical Job Dependencies Editor, code editors with code syntax highlighting, job output capture and displays, calendar editing, exporting and importing, job template editing, and more...
  2. New options for controlling multiple job instances.
  3. Support for @SCRIPT "include" directive in all supported scripting environments.
  4. Multiple enhancements in data migration and upgrade utilities from previous versions supporting automatic upgrades.
  5. Enhanced process logging for remote jobs. Remote logs replicated to the master and merged with local logs automatically.
  6. Bug fixes in file transfer and file replication functions, VBScript job handling, SFTP and FTPS functions in JavaScript jobs, email handling functions.

  1. A number of other bug fixes and minor improvements.


24x7 Scheduler v5.0 (major release) - What's New

NOTE: Version 5.0 includes several new major features and  enhancements. An upgrade is provided from 24x7 Scheduler v3 and v4 versions. Version 5.0 completely replaces 24x7 Automation Suite v3.x solutions that have reached their end-of-life cycle.

New Features and Major Changes
  1. Capturing and archiving job output for all types of jobs, including program files, external and internal batch jobs, SQL database jobs, and internal script jobs.
  2. Execution and processing of query output results in SQL jobs, including processing and archiving of the returned data.
  3. Support for simple substring searches and sophisticated regular expressions for evaluating job outputs for errors and other conditions.
  4. Greatly extended support for JavaScript jobs, tons of new functions and methods.
    JavaScript based automation methods for file transfers over networks, file replication via network shares, via remote agent interfaces, or via FTP/SFTP/FTPS interfaces.
  5. Built-in Job Automation Language (JAL Script) to JavaScript translator.
    Automatic conversion of 24x7 Scheduler Windows Edition job database and settings to the new Multi-platform version.
  6. Job Definition Language (JDL) interface ported to Multi-platform Edition, including DDE based API and command line interfaces.

  1. Lots of other minor changes and enhancements.