24x7 Scheduler - Feature Comparison

Scheduler Comparison Windows

24x7 Scheduler
24x7 Scheduler
Modern style GUI interface

(none or primitive)

(rich GUI + web console)

(rich GUI + web console)

Shell command line interface      
"Quick-start" job templates (from simple program runs  to complicated file and database replications)    

(100+ templates)

(100+ templates)

SQL jobs using direct database interfaces (run SQL batches, stored procedures, packages, etc...)    
Job Automation Language jobs, including built-in file functions, FTP, SQL, HTTP, MAPI, RAS, SMTP, Lotus Notes, Telnet and more...    
(Windows platforms)

(Windows platforms)

Cross-platform JavaScript jobs with extensions, including built-in file functions, process management, FTP, SMTP, and more...    


Built-in batch/shell script jobs supporting code security and auto-deployment features.    


VB Script jobs with extensions, including built-in file functions, process management, FTP, SMTP, and more...
(only external)


(Windows platforms)

(Windows platforms)
Powerful script editor with syntax highlighting and a buil-in debugger




JavaScript, VBS,
shell scripts )
Run as a  Windows service / Unix daemon process
Run as a standalone graphical application    
Run as a console mode application      
Can run jobs on different platforms    
(using agents)
Fail-over mode to ensure high-availability without interrupting of job processing (single/multi computer configurations supported)    
Jobs triggers:
         1.  Time-based (schedule)
         2.   File-watch (new or changed files)    
         3.   Process watch (start/end of a process)    


         4.   Email-watch (new email)    
         5.   System-watch (User "idle"; log-off;
               System shutdown)
         6.   User-defined triggers using event polling
                process-watches, window-watches,
Advanced job calendaring    


Job can be triggered on certain business days with holiday exception logic built-in (example: 2nd workday of every month)    
Job dependencies support (Graphical job dependencies editor included)    
Job monitoring    
Built-in reports (support for real-time Web reports included)    
Local jobs
Remote jobs:
Powerful distributed job processing architecture
Advanced job queuing with priorities and execution dependencies    
Asynchronous execution
Synchronous execution (run job sequentially)    
Send keystrokes to programs    
(using JAL commands)
Jobs can have parametric file and time definitions (for example: data file name can be the same as last business day of month - 052997.dat and this job can be executed on first business day of month)    
Automatic notification based on job execution progress and errors    

( Email,  pager, network popup, files, SNMP traps,   database commands)

( Email,  files, network popup, SNMP traps,   database commands)

Complete job auditing and logging (integrated log for both local and remote jobs; support for real-time Web reports included)

(limited NT system event log support)


Job execution statistics    
Client-server architecture (remote job scheduling and management)    
Web-based interface for job scheduling, management and monitoring    
Monitoring and reporting via Internet (HTML real-time reports)    
API for  job scheduling and management from external programs  

(4 APIs: command line; OLE/COM;  DDE, Java)

(3 APIs: command line; OLE/COM;  Java, EJB)

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