Voice Message Server 1.0

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Voice Message Services (VoMS) Description
VoMS enables sending automatic voice messages by phone. VoMS is an ideal solution for sending emergency notifications, event and appointment reminders, marketing and political campaign messages, and more. Voice messages can be pre-recorded, synthesized dynamically using advanced text-to-speech technology or constructed from multiple pre-recorded and dynamic parts in the same message.

VoMS is a true client-server application. VoMS server automates phone dialing and voice message sending from a central location. Client applications sending voice messages can be located anywhere on the network. Voice messages can be sent from virtually any application supporting Windows COM or DLL technologies. In addition, VoMS comes with a command line utility that can be also used to send voice messages.

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Key Benefits

  • Provides a robust messaging gateway that allows applications to easily create and send various voice messages.

  • Supports asynchronous message processing, which allows multiple applications to write messages to a central message queue and immediately become free to process other tasks. Applications that use asynchronous operations (where more than a single operation can execute simultaneously) often have better availability, reliability, scalability, and usability than applications using only synchronous operations (where operations execute sequentially).

  • Supports both pre-recorded voice messages using regular sound files and dynamically synthesized messages using text-to-speech methods.

  • Features simple and efficient graphical interface that allows system administrators monitor message processing, active connections, message queue and more.

  • Provides complete message processing audit trail that keeps track of messages being sent, in case troubleshooting needs to occur.

  • Works with all standard voice modems and Intel Dialog phone boards.

Voice Message Services
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24x7 VoMS User's Guide - (v1.0. User's Guide in Adobe Acrobat format PDF, 0.3 MB).  Read - the complete 24x7 VoMS documentation on-line.
Pricing and Upgrade Options
Other Information
Last version:
Release Date: 8/19/2005

Technical specifications:

Disk space - full install - 18 MB, minimal install 2 MB
Memory - 64  MB ,  CPU - Pentium or compatible
OS - Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003
WARNING:   VoMS software has been designed and tested for North American telephone systems. It is not guaranteed to work in other areas if your telephone system ring-tone frequences differ from ring-tones adopted in North America.

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