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DB Audit 3.2 released

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DB Audit 3.2 released
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Post DB Audit 3.2 released Reply with quote
Here are Release Notes outlining cumulative changes in versions 3.x.x

1. New Features

- 3.1.01: New graphical Central Repository Deployment Tools central audit
repository can be now setup and managed from the DB Audit Console.
DB Audit's multi-platform multi-database functionally supports using
single central audit repository with a variety of different database
systems. Audit data from different database systems is on the fly
converted to common audit format.

- 3.1.01: New scheduled audit reports. Users can now create and schedule
custom reports for both system-level and data-change audit trail.

- 3.2.21: New database auditing API. DB Audit can be now directly integrated
and compiled with other applications. The API requires a separate license.

- 3.2.21: Auditing procedures for 64-bit versions of SQL Server.


2. Enhancements

- 3.1.01: User Activity Explorer optionally allows hiding access to system
catalog objects, making the user activity logs clearer.

- 3.1.01: Improved support for new SQL Server 2005 features. Data-change
auditing now supports authorization schemas having ownership assigned to
non-schema users.

- 3.1.01: The Performance Audit Add-on now offers more granular control for
selecting performance characteristics for collection.

- 3.1.01: Improved graphical interface.

- 3.1.01: Updated product documentation.

- 3.1.01: The Alert Center Service Control program added for Windows systems.
The Alert Center can be now run as a Windows service application.

- 3.1.01: DB2 Audit Service Control program added for Windows systems.
Audit processor for DB2 can be now run as a Windows service application.

- 3.1.01: Better integration between the Alert Center and DB Audit - the
Alert Center can be now used for not only running alert monitors and
scheduled reports but also for running replication jobs for the centralized
audit repository and for automatically managing central repository space.

- 3.1.04: All reports using object schema and name filters now allow using
database names in filter parameters.

- 3.1.05: The Database Errors report features new database name column.

- 3.1.06: XML export format added. Reports can be now exported to XML files.

- 3.1.16: Lookup users screen added for DB2 UDB and zSeries.

- 3.1.16: Data-change audits in DB2 UDB and DB2 for zSeries version 8 and up
can now capture IP address of the client program from where data changes have
been made.

- 3.1.16: DB2 system auditing removed requirements for DB2 to be installed
in a directory whose name contains no spaces.

- 3.1.17: Added support for Oracle 10.2 new "db,extended" mode.

- 3.1.17: Usability enhancements in the Management Console graphical interface:
several popup messages now provide "do not show this again" option.

- 3.1.18: Added date filters to Failed Logons and Denied Object Access reports.

- 3.1.18: Added supported for Sybase OLEDB provider.

- 3.1.19: DB2 system auditing now uses 'nonrecoverable' option when loading
audit trail files into the database.

- 3.1.19: Audit Trail Details report now supports new Sybase ASE 15.0 events.

- 3.1.20: Enhanced report for SYS Operation for Oracle users with SYS, SYSDBA
and SYSOPER privileges. Unimportant lines about the run-time environment are
now filtered out and removed from the display and the remaining data is
reformatted for convenient tabular display.

- 3.1.20: (audit self-monitoring) Audit Settings Change monitoring alerts now
monitor more objects and settings in Oracle environments, including monitoring
for procedures used for audit archiving, purging and AUD fie processing.

- 3.1.20: Usability enhancements for Oracle auditing setup. Some operations that
previously required using SYS login and SQL*Plus can be now executed directly
from DB Audit Management Console if the user is logged in as SYS.

- 3.2.21: Added support for data-change auditing of timestamp columns in
SQL Server

- 3.2.21: The Alert Center now allows controlling of maximum report size.

- 3.2.21: The Alert Center can now zip large reports before emailing them.

- 3.2.21: The Alert Center now exposes internal control over sending empty
scheduled reports.

- 3.2.21: Usability enhancements in SQL Server Performance Auditing Add-On.
The space usage stats collection procedure now supports read-only databases.

- 3.2.21: Enhancements in SQL Server 2000/2005 system auditing procedures.
Elimination of duplicate DML events resulting from multiple permission checks.

- 3.2.21: Enhancements in SQL Server 2005 data-change auditing procedures.
Audit triggers run using privileges of the creator, not the user being
audited. As a result, you don't need anymore to add all audited users to
the repository database.

- 3.2.21: Enhancements in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 system auditing procedures.
Support for "do not audit" filter types.

- 3.2.21: Enhancements in data-change auditing procedures for Sybase ASE,
SQL Server 2000/2005 - user name filtering is now based on the user's login
name rather then database user name.

- 3.2.21: Spaces are trimmed in Sybase and DB2 database and object names
in versions using fixed column sizes in database catalog tables. The resulting
auditing code looks more accurate and easier to read.


3. Bug fixes

- 3.1.07: Several Compliance Reports may through "Cannot find object..." error
when they are rerun using the Refresh command from the View menu.

- 3.1.08: In the Audit Trail by Table report, title containing long filter
description could overlap report column headers.

- 3.1.10: Incorrect use of ESCAPE clause in several Alert Center alerts for
Oracle. ESCAPE clause appears after ORDER BY.

- 3.1.12: Incorrect ROLLBACK STATEMENT audit option name for Oracle. Correct

- 3.1.14: The Alert Center Remote Console can generate invalid scheduled report
with 0 delay allowance. This could in turn lead to report running
only once and never restarting.

- 3.1.15: Incorrect error "System audit is not installed" can appear when
attempting to run custom reports in Microsoft SQL Server environment
where Data-change auditing is used only.

- 3.1.15: The System-audit process may fill up Windows Application Event Log
with repeated warnings and errors after the system auditing has been disabled
in SQL Server and the process stopped manually, but SQL Server is not being
restarted after this change.

- 3.1.16: Incorrect user-level filtering in data-change audit. In case of
Inclusive only auditing, not-listed users may also become subject for auditing.

- 3.1.16: Regression bug introduced in 3.1.01. Lookup users screen in DB Audit
Management Console produces "invalid column suid" error when used with
Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

- 3.1.16: Alert Center's scheduled report for Unauthorized Access Attempts
generates invalid SQL query when SQL Server is used as a repository and
non-SQL Server databases are used as audit data sources. As a result the report
fails in run-time.

- 3.1.19: Oracle SYSDBA and SYSOPER auditing cannot be installed when
utl_file_path parameter contains long values.

- 3.1.20: When Oracle SYSDBA and SYSOPER auditing is installed using non-SYS
logon, the audit file loading job may fail to run. This could happen if the
user doesn't hold EXECUTE ANY system privilege and not granted EXECUTE
permissions for db_audit.sp_aud_file_loader procedure.

- 3.2.21: Regression bug - SYSDBA and SYSOPER auditing process deletes audit trace
files before user session is complete, which is causing Oracle to stop writing
audit trail data to deleted files.

- 3.2.21: DB audit uninstallation procedures for Oracle fail to delete job for
db_audit.sp_aud_file_loader stored procedure.

- 3.2.21: In the audit records created by SQL Server system auditing procedures.
Grant/Deny/Revoke events may contain ASCII zero characters in their text,
which in turn causes truncation of text displayed on some reports.

- 3.2.21: The repository deployment tool fails to create repository objects in
Oracle 9i or 10g database for storing system audit trails from SQL Server

- 3.2.21: The repository deployment tool fails to create repository objects in
Oracle and SQL Server databases for storing system audit trails from Sybase ASE

- 3.2.21: In certain configurations the system audit trail export to table
fails in SQL Server 2000/2005 if DB Audit fails to retrieve schema names

- 3.2.21: Workaround implemented for bug discovered in Sybase CT-Lib client:
When language settings differ in the client and in the server, during data
retrieval trailing spaces become lost in fixed size CHAR column values.
As a result of this CT-Lib bug, DB Audit can generate incorrect audit trigger
code in Sybase ASE databases leading to various code compilation errors.

- 3.2.21: DB Audit's graphical Management Console fails to start on Windows Vista.

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