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Johns Hopkins Employee May Have Stolen Patient Data
Johns Hopkins is alerting more than 10,000 of its hospital patients that they may have been victims of identity theft. An investigation suggests a former employee who worked in patient registration may have illegally accessed their records in the course of her work. The employee, whom the hospital says it expects to be indicted, had access to information such as dates of birth and Social Security numbers, but not to any health or medical information, according to the letter. The letter notes that the hospital conducts background checks on its employees and provides training on patient confidentiality. “Unfortunately,” the letter adds, “while Johns Hopkins is undertaking a review to see what additional precautions could be built into the registration system, there is little way to stop an employee who deliberately chooses to break the law.” True enough... but the technology exists to alert auditors or security personnel when an employee accesses or copies information they shouldn't.

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