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New Security Regulation in South Africa
Several years ago, seven I think, SoftTree developed DB Audit for a NY banking client. We did so because there was a lack of commercially available tools in the market. Today an increasingly regulated world has made DB Audit very popular tool for a variety of industries, but particularly so in financial services. A myriad of regulations have forced our clients to take a hard look at where information resides within their systems, and, more importantly, whether access to that information exposes the organization to risk. For years we’ve been helping clients satisfy the database security mandates imposed by Sarbanes Oxley (SoX), GLBA, Basel II and HIPAA. Now it seems South Africa is jumping on the regulatory oversight bandwagon, A draft release of the King III code on good corporate governance is intended to specify IT governance in the context of risk management. The code states: In IT governance, one seeks confidentiality; integrity and availability of the functioning of the system; possession of the system, authenticity of system information; and assurance that the system is usable and useful. As with SoX or PCI, the principal concerns that the King III code seeks to address are unauthorized use, access, disclosure, disruption or changes to the information system. Key database security drivers include compliance; data leak prevention; meeting the requirements of King III, Basel II and Sarbanes Oxley (SoX) and operational frameworks such as ITIL, ISO and CoBIT. Interestingly enough, SoftTree secured a number of South African clients in 2008. Coincidence? Time will tell.

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