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Audit Reveals "Shocking Findings"
I arrived home this afternoon to find the latest issue of NetworkWorld in my mailbox. Most times I scan and circular file the periodicle. Today I read with interest the results of a data leakage audit at a Boston-based pharmaceutical firm. During the 15-day review, auditors examined outbound e-mail, FTP and Web communications, revealing 11,000 potential leaks, more than 700 critical information leaks and violations of Payment Card Industry and other security standards. Among the "worst leaks" confidential zip files and attachments sent by e-mail to an outside vendor; unencrypted e-mailing of a clinical study to an outside vendor; the mailing of employee compensation data to an outside company. "We thought we were in good shape..." said the company's CIO. "This just goes to show you can do all that and it's just not enough." Full Story

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