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Database Auditing Anecdotes
Database auditing and compliance reporting has become a very hot topic for SoftTree customers. We originally developed DB Audit Expert in 2005 to provide our customers with a simple tool to analyze the impact of database schema changes and system events. Little did we know that a seemingly daily stream of headline-grabbing data breaches would result in a flurry of regualtory mandates such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI. The net impact of such regulations being that enterprises are scrambling to shore up database access controls and determine where all their critical data resides. Today much of the dialogue we have with new customers centers on how DB Audit Expert can help them to address their specific security and access control requirements for regulatory and internal auditing. In the coming weeks and months I'll share the challenges that companies bring to SoftTree, as well as the guideance we provide. Of course we'll maintain our customer's privacy by not disclosing the name of the business or personnel. However, there are many lessons to be learned from our installed base of DB Audit clients. I look forward to sharing these stories with you.

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