Using SENDMAIL utility with 24x7 Scheduler

If for some reasons you cannot or do not want to use 24x7 Scheduler email functions you may want to use SENDMAIL.EXE utility. For example this utility can be used inside DOS batch file that you schedule to run using 24x7 Scheduler.

The Microsoft Exchange Resource Kit contains a program, SENDMAIL.EXE, which is a 32-bit command line  utility to send mail messages and file attachments. This program is also available in the Microsoft Mail Resource Kit.

The following command can then be used to send an email message:

SENDMAIL.EXE -u <profile name> -p password -r <recipients> -s<subject>

Please refer to the documentation accompanying the SENDMAIL.EXE for more information on all the command line switches available.

NOTE: In order for the 24x7 Scheduler running as the service in Windows NT to be able to successfully run the SENDMAIL.EXE program, you must be setup 24x7 Scheduler service to logon to Windows NT as a user having having access to the mailbox that SENDMAIL.EXE will log on to.