Use BindDesktop utility to start processes on user Desktop

By default all interactive processes started from a Windows service (such as 24x7 Scheduler service) run on the invisible Services Desktop. The BindDesktop utility allows you to start a process on any Desktop, including the interactive User Desktop. For example, if you want to schedule Notepad to run on the user Desktop, you can use the following command BindDesktop winsta0\default "C:\WinNT\Notepad.exe" If that command is run from 24x7 service, it will enable Notepad graphically in interactive mode and make it available to the user. Special note for Windows Vista/7/2008 systems and their visual effects: Most processes can be started this way to run on the desktiop, but not all graphical programs will be able to render the full graphical interface, some programs will render only a frame, or nothing at all.

DownloadDownload BindDesktop.exe (16 KB)..

Usage: BindDesktop [desktop name] [program name] [optional parameters]

desktop name Name of the windows station and desktop on which you want to run the specified program. Default user desktop name is winsta0\default
program name Full name of the program that you want to start including path. If the name or path include spaces enclose the full name in double quotes.
optional parameter Optional command line parameters that you want to pass to the specified program. If you need to pass multiple parameters enclose the entire set of parameters in double quotes.

Run BindDesktop.exe without parameters from the DOS command prompt to see full description of the supported parameters.