Archiving job execution logs

If you have "truncate log" option enabled in the 24x7 Scheduler system  options, you may want to setup some job to archive the log on a regular basis in order to have the complete audit trail. The frequency for this job depends on how many and how often other jobs run as well as the log size threshold configured in the system options. This job should run often enough to ensure that no un-archived log records are truncated. Consider creating a separate directory to keep the archived copies. This job be could as simple as one line "script type" job like

FileCopy "c:\Program Files\24x7 Scheduler 2.0\schedule.log" , "c:\Program Files\24x7 Scheduler 2.0\Archive\@T"mmddyyyy".log"

As an enhansment for this job consider purging archived logs that are older than 3 or more months. You can use FileFindFirst, FileFindNext, FileGetDate, LoopWhile and other statement to implement this logic