Starting NT service, executing job, stopping NT service

Some Windows NT applications are designed as Windows NT services. In some cases it is not fare to keep such application running all the times, because that application takes some computer and Operation System resources leaving less resources for other applications. This example shows to manage Windows NT service from JAL.

// This script starts Personal Oracle 8.0, runs some program
// that loads information into the database, then the script
// shutdowns the database

// Start Oracle database, note that service OracleStartORCL automatically
// starts another service OracleService
ServiceStart "OracleStartORCL"
ServiceStart "OracleTNSListener80"
ServiceStart "OracleClientCache80"

// Do main job here
// ... Run ...

// Shutdown database
ServiceStop "OracleClientCache80"
ServiceStop "OracleTNSListener80"
ServiceStop "OracleStartORCL"
ServiceStop "OracleService"